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We believe in customer service quality matters most. As Singapore tighten its grip on the hiring of foreigner workers, cleaning industry face the crunch of containing its cost. Some of us try to cut corners on customer service quality. This is exactly the wrong thing to do.

Genie Cleaning

Customers want more attention, more appreciation and more recognition when making their decision on the type of cleaning company they hired. Customers want to be sure they get maximum value for the money they spend. Although the basic product may remain the same, they want higher customer service quality.

Genie Secrets of Superior Service

  • Understand how customer’s expectations are rising and changing over time. What was good enough last year may not be good enough now.
  • Differentiate our service from our competition.
  • Besides mandatory training required by NEA (National Environmental Agency), We provides many in-house training to our cleaners.
  • Learn to manage our customers’ expectations. We will always bring their expectations into line with what we know we can deliver. Our motto for this “under promise, then over deliver”.
  • Appreciate customers feedback and complain. Bounce back with effective service recovery.
  • See the world from each customer’s point of view.

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